First update #001 "Gunpowder" goes live

We have now launched our Youtube channel, and uploaded our first official video update! Updates are going to be posted every Saturday, usually in the form of a video. This week we’re showing off the inventory and gunpowder system.

The gunpowder system is very much like the Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 2 Remake system, where various different powders (A, B and C) can be combined into various different combinations to craft ammo.

On top of this, we’re adding a new mechanic with “Gunpowder HP” - This high powered mix allows players to craft Enhanced Ammo, which deals much more damage and has a much higher chance of performing Critical Shots to enemies. These Critical Shots will blow off a zombie’s head in one, so it’s worth keeping an eye for the familiar bottles of powder on the streets of Raccoon!