Update #006 - "The Game"

Welcome to the sixth video update for Resident Evil: Cold Blood. This update focuses more on the basics of what the game is, and due to some sickness and work commitments is a little lighter on content than usual.

Resident Evil: Cold Blood is a free, cooperative first person shooter set during the events of the Raccoon City incident. It is a spiritual remake of the previous Half-Life mod of the same name, built from the ground up. Some people refer to it as "beta 4" or "new RE:CB". It features gameplay heavily inspired by Outbreak and the original trilogy, featuring familiar locations, monsters, weaponry and puzzles. You will play through Raccoon City at the apex of the outbreak, visiting well known locations as well as exploring new, unseen areas of the city as you make your way north. We will be revealing locations at a later date, but players will encounter plenty of resistance along the way, in the form of zombies, hunters, lickers and even bigger enemies.